Redo Scrolling Systems

The picking object systems is slow to scroll in and bugs out often, it needs to be redone, plus I think it would be cool if it had a latest object used feature at the top for extra quick using.

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Lists are alpgbetical set by layer.

Try typing the name of the object you want to select while the list is open.


No i’m talking about when you find a parent, an object in a message, it’s very buggy, sometimes it decides to just exit out and close the behaviour.

That’s what I’m talking about, typing it out will highlight as you type it out.
Enter will also select it.

When does it randomly close? I’ve only has this issue when trying to type in the textbox and my upclick closes the behavior.

I would for sure like to fix this if it feels buggy - can you give me some details or examples on how to get it to misbehave?

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