Reduced gravity & monster ignoring most code on Lv.3

Level 3 unintentional reduced gravity. Working around bug.

Copy-pasting logic from 1 level to another and re-creating animations is not enough to prevent bugs from forming. I don’t know what is happening.

edit 1: [Flowlab Game Creator - New Game] (

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Maybe it’s because your code is incorrect and is not counting the different versions of the UE-0. Fix this by making the UE-0 the parent of New Type 36.

Also literally delete all the code in New Type 36 other than the animation.

The changes did nothing. I tried other things but those only generated bugs, had to undo those.

Something in the health bundle forced the player to go left whenever the right arrow was not held down. I undid that change though, just an idea of the weirdness I am experiencing.

Now there is UE-0 and UE-1 regardless of what I do. UE is Unknown Entity; I’m taking some inspiration from Spook’s Jump scare Mansion.

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I think I over-exaderated how I phrased the problem. Currently, UE-0 does do the damage part of its code and sends you to the start of level 1 upon death. The problem is the player can’t kill the UE-0’s on level 3, despite the same logic on levels 1 & 2.

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