regulating jumping

if u hit the jump button then as soon as you hit the ground hit the jump button again and then keep repeating this you will be able to jump higher and higher. Does anyone know how to fix this.

You can have a velocity of 0 when hitting the ground, dont know how to make this trigger once though, else you can replace the impulse with velocity and make the number high enough to work

I have a velocity already and the problem still happens @jngthree

Did you try replacing the impulse

oh I’m sorry I looked at the wrong thing, I just did that and it sort of worked but it kinda brought more problems like if u spammed the jump button with the velocity then u wont slowly jump higher and higher but then sometimes you will randomly jump super super high and if u jump on top of another character the character “sticks” to u and jumps in the air too @jngthree

wait nevermind the super high jumping was because I had the number too high so really now the problem is that when u jump on another chracters head the character sticks to u

can anyone help with this