Release of 2 new games, please check them out!

Rocket the Hedgehog 3 is now open to play!
Also Puppet Hand Game Land 2, the sequel to Puppet Hand Game Land, is out and available to
play now!

Puppet Hand Game Land 2
Rocket the Hedgehog 3


“When will you learn that your actions have consequences!?”

Please never put bright backgrounds for your game page theme ever again. People here will not appreciate it. There’s a reason why every Taile Gamougg game (of which there are many) have dark game page backgrounds.

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Yeah. Its a bit flashy and annoying please change the game page theme.

YO NICE CUTSCENE FOR THE SONIC ONE. would have never thought of that

Uh, Rocket the Hedgehog 3 NEEDS a texture update, mainly for enemies.