Released Games List

Is there a list somewhere that shows the games that have been released to any of the target platforms?

Just curious, especially regarding Android releases. Would love to see how they behave.

Had some tests using touch controls, but the browser based ones behave differently on a PC browser or on mobile browser.
There seems to be some kind of delay @grazer ?

Anyway, would like to see how they behave once compiled.
Also, would be good advertisement for Flowlab if we could show off what has been created, yep?

I only know one game that you can get on android and thats @“JR 01” 's game called “Drive” you can download it at his game

Yep, I know that one … was just wondering what else might be out there.
Even on PC etc.

Yeah I don’t think there is any one that is for computer but I know @muddyapples 's game StarTrail is also mobil but it’s for an Apple device

Hey @TinkerSmith - The newest mobile release I’m aware of is Focus II (I think that’s on Google Play) by @CrimsonBlackGames .

I think @muddyapples just released a few of his older games on Google Play last week?

If you have an example with delayed input, please post it (or email me a link) and I’ll check it out on device - there should not be any added control delay on exports for sure.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Hi @TinkerSmith @grazer

I also have Star Trail on Amazon, please see link:

I’m about to get Star Trail on Google Play also. I do have 2 other Flowlab games on Google Play.

Rude Cube:


Learn the Alphabet with Mr Moose (one for my nippers when they were much younger:

Nice idea for the Minimal game jam.

Any questions please just shout!