Removing Numbers From Text

I am making a different version of my wordle, and I finally found a list that is one page. The problem is: each word has a number after it. How would I sort it out to do something like convert SMART12 LASTS13 HELPS14 into SMART LASTS HELPS? @JR01 ?

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found a website with a ton of lists on 1 page!

New problem: How do I split words every 8 characters? @JR01 ?

  1. Paste the list into a text block.
  2. Split the list by spaces (" ")

Not every word is split by spaces, some are split by enter.

put it through a text compare with 1 2 3 4 5, etc, if it fails then it’s a letter, if it passes it’s a number.

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Split by enter, list each with a space, then split by space

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