Repeating Collision

I’m not sure if this would ever actually work. But an ability to repeat collision would be nice, so we could have it activate something, and when it’s no longer colliding deactivate it.
Just a concept to save us from the evil lag producing proximity.


You can already do this, let me make an example.

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Nevermind, no, there are lots of ways to trigger a constant collision but are lag producing themselves. This would be a good feature, except I’m pretty sure it’d be just as lag producing as proximity if it always outtputed.

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This is possible, but since proximity is always checking this large area, collision would have less area to check by default.

Then just use proximity and change the size of it? ._.

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It still works differently, the main reason I want this is for the “Last contacted” message option.

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I did this before. I forgot who showed me how, but I didn’t understand their explanation. However, I made one change and immediately fixed it.
The Switch is off by default and the Timer has Repeat Forever enabled.