hello all, im doing an eco-friendly version of pong where you stop the pesticide from going into the “Water” (player v. computer sides.) and i cannot for the life of me figure out why the pesticide (pong ball) won’t go over to the other side and why the computer bar still isn’t wanting to follow the ball entirely. pls help!

@lolpinkshep do you know how you got it to work? its just the pong ball now i think i am struggling with. should i make it smaller?

@speat3 if you want ill try to make a pong game and you could copy the behaviors

The computer bar works but if you want for a quicker reaction, try reducing the timer.
The ball on the other hand could be reworked. The change in velocity completely changes the direction its going, no matter what it hits. For some reason, the ball doesn’t loose much velocity when hitting the bar which keeps it from changing. I would make it a collision detection to switch the direction of the ball instead.

@lolpinkshep that would help! I am going off of grazer’s right now so i am not sure why i am failing
@“JR 01” what do you mean collision detection to switch the direction? how ?

Well… Grazers model is based on the older update so it too would randomly switch directions when you play it now. I also thing the size of the ball would have a different affect. Remember that there are different ways to do the same thing.

I would use the toggle switch behavior when hitting the ceiling or floor to switch the Y direction.
Also to switch the X direction when hitting the walls or bars.
Speed of the ball is up to you, the timer could be the same.

@“JR 01” ah see that makes sense- im only a month into flow lab so i didnt know that. so i did collision to toggle to position Y, and same with X and it helps slightly, but it is still jumping off screen/ not wanting to full cooperate

I see, the flip; flips the whole sprite and it clips into the walls.
I tried many methods, but I couldn’t figure a good way to make this work better.
I may try to make my own version of pong, but I do not know how to make this work better how flowlab currently is. I think it could be the ball itself, if so you could make the small ball invisible and stick the pesticide on top of the ball.

I tried to help someone else on this before and we’ve got it to more or less to work better.
I’ll post the forum:
and the game of pong:
from that discussion.

@“JR 01” i played the game and it bugged out completely it sould have a destroy than respawn thing on it

Yeah, it was just a similar game I helped someone.
That’s what I would do if it was up to me…

I may try to make my own Pong later

that’d really help! Im stumped @“JR 01”

@speat3 i made one i cant find it anymore

@lolpinkshep @“JR 01” i made the object smaller but i think the big glaring glitchy issue is that the ball keeps getting caught behind the computer bar

I would reset the CPU’s location after scoring

how do i do that? @“JR 01”

Send a message after hitting the cpu’s to the cpu paddle with the Y location set

@speat3 @“JR 01” reset the pong balls place

to what? @lolpinkshep

@speat when it touches a goal the pong ball starts back in the middle

@lolpinkshep but shouldn’t it just bounce back? i feel like that would look weird if it jumps back