Requesting Help!

Hey Guys, it’s me (@tommy_2_14) and I just got back to flowlab after a LONG break, but I need some help with stuff…

  1. I am working on a new game called Rosia, it will be a fantasy-rpg style game (If you couldn’t tell by now, I am REALLY into that stuff…)
  2. I need people to help me with the following:
    2a) Sprites, I cannot do sprites for my life and I would like someone to do sprites for me, I really liked the ones in Awakening by @PixelPizza , but I do NOT want limited-color sprites.
    2b) Ideas, this would be a pretty big help as well. I already have some cool ideas, but I need some revisers/reviewers to help me out…
    2c) It would be really cool to get some Beta Testers as well, but I think we all can do that…

I feel, that if we all worked together on this game, we could create an INCREDIBLE game.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Forgot to mention - Behaviors would be helpful as well - thanks!

Okay, Beta for Rosia is complete! More content will be added continuously!
Check it out here -->
Report bugs as well!

Version 0.0.2 Update
-Added New Area (Stone Temple)
-Added Attack animation, tied to spacebar
-Added New Storyline, here it is -

“Okami, a once extremely powerful sorcerer, has now lost all but one of his extremely powerful abilities, as comes with old age. His ability to maneuver the wind at will. He is looking for the True Crystal, which will give him new magical capabilities and powers. He will venture through many lands, and face many hardships, to finally meet his fate…”

Tell Me what you Think so far!

You came back but ever mentioned me?! Tsk tsk tsk

XD, it’s been a while @jngthree

Version 0.0.3 Update
-Added New Enemy, Enemy Archer.
-Changed Cave to Portal
-Added New Defensive Ability, Force Push. Use with Q.

Be Sure to report any bugs!

@PixelPizza @grazer @latif @jngthree @“Mhx Ar”

Some comedy never hurts

I may be wrong, but there isn’t that much actual game-play yet?

No, you aren’t wrong @TheCracker , there isn’t any real gameplay yet because it is in EARLY beta. I barely even got anything done with it yet

Hey tommy
Hmm it’s with great pleasure that I get this proposal but I’ll refuse it.
For 2 simple facts:

  • The game is yours and must be done entirely by yourself
  • I’m already too busy with sprites and everything else from awakening

Hey, I’m not too bad at spriting.

@PixelPizza That’s okay, I COMPLETELY understand!
@jngthree If you want to start, that’s perfectly fine with me!

I want to help but idk how I can help

I’m bad with sprites