Reset button

How do I make a reset button in my game. To restart you need to refresh right now.

Making a restart button is pretty simple actually, to start do this,
Make a Restart sprite, then after you finish it, go into Behaviors
Then Make a Mouse Click behavior and Restart behavior and then connect it from “down”-“go”.

OR make it a key :stuck_out_tongue: also if you want to restart the LEVEL then put it in the level and put that equal to reset level

how do you make your enemy take live away from you

you have a counter, like collision----- (eval) expression (a=3, B=1 A-B)… then have the output into the A input. Then U simply then have a filter that says Less than 1 put it to a restart level or restart game or Game over screen

How would you make a different object move from an interface button?

Nevermind! Solved