Reset Coin Count at level restart

OK, I’m not very good or advanced at this at all. I’ve been trying to work with my game (Kitty Kraze) and have figured out a few things. As I collect each coin, a count appears at the top left. I’ve figured out how to continue the coin count to each new level, but the problem is when I die (land on the spikes), it restarts the level like I want, but the coin count doesn’t restart to where it was at the beginning of the level. Right now, when I die, the coin count stays the same.

Also, is there a way to make sure that all coins have been collected before you are allowed to move to the next level. Sorry, I’m not very smart at any of this!

If you want the coins to be 0 at the beginning of every level, have a once go (in) a number 0 to (set) your coin number.

If you have say 20 coins at the beginning of a level, get to 27, die, and want it to go back to 20, have the amount of coins number go to a (set) of another number, that goes to a (save)

Have whatever ends the level go (in) to that second number, so when the level ends, it saves that amount of coins

Have a once go to (load) and have then go to the first number (set) and (in), so at the beginning of every level or level restart, it will load the saved number of coins from the previous level

As for collect all coins to end the level, that really depends on if the amount of coins is always the same or not. If it is always say 10 coins, filter greater than 9 or equal to 10 to end the level.

If it is a different amount of coins on every level, I believe you can have a message sent to change the filter to whatever number you need it to be. Just have an object on each level send you a message with the amount of coins needed to filter for that level.

My head is spinning - this is beyond me.