Retrieving Deleted Objects

@grazer is it possible for you to retrieve an object that I have accidentally deleted from a game? i.e. I deleted the “player” object from my game before I go back and rebuild it, I was hoping you could work some magic and reset my game to a certain date or something like that.

You should leave a link to the game so that he knows which one you are talking about.

@grazer @“JR 01” do either of you know if this can be done?

As far as I know, you cant.
Though there is a possibility that @grazer can, I’m not sure how, if he can, to retrieve deleted data of the objects.

I actually can answer this. Grazer can in fact retrieve earlier incarnations of a game but it is really difficult, additionally, there are actually few times when a game is backed up to a server like that. So I would be very careful from now on if I were you.

Thanks @CrimsonBlackGames, I will certainly be more careful, I was going too fast and click the wrong button.

@grazer if you can reset my game back to 3/29, that would be huge and extremely helpful.

@grazer are you able to reset my game back to 3/29?

@grazer can you respond to my request, I’ve seen others request the same after my request and you’ve responded to them. Is it because they’re paid accounts?


Try not to mention him with @ too much. Grazer is probably busy at the moment and will try to get back to you eventually. If you clog up his notifications like this, it might prevent him from seeing anybody else’s calls for help.

And @“Bmarzi”, grazer will treat free accounts and paid accounts equally. He is not ignoring you because you have a free account.

The thing is a deleted game can be restored pretty easily, but a deleted OBJECT cannot, because every time a game is overwritten by a newer version, it is gone unless the website itself is backed up

Chances are youll just have to recreate the logic in the object

Thanks everyone, not trying to be a pain, was just hoping Grazer could restore my game to a previous version. My character took forever to do and has multiple costume/animation changes which I of course didn’t keep any notes.