Returning with a massive update!

I’ve been playing around with Flowlab for the last week, and today I just finished updating the story mode for 2!
I was dissatisfied about many things about it, such as the storyline, gameplay, title, music etc. so it’s been completely renovated (the fundamental aspects, levels and art style remain unchanged). All the things that I’ve mentioned above have been greatly improved:

-Storyline: The story was altered moderately, and all the NPCs have been given new and more natural-sounding dialogue. The player will also get dialogue OPTIONS to respond to them, and their responses will be varied accordingly. It’s not mind-blowing, but it flows much better than the previous version.

-Gameplay: Several new mechanics have been added into the game, such as optional heroic quests during crisis. It’ll be easier to play it than to try and explain :slight_smile:

-Title: The title page and the story title page have been improved.

-Music: Changed music to fit the corresponding atmosphere (Used royalty-free music, credits on title page)

-The transitions, synchronization and later parts of the game still need optimization, but I’m pretty happy with it for now. (THE STORY AFTER THE 1ST BOSS IS DEFEATED ISN’T UPDATED)

I’d really appreciate feedback, suggestions to improve the game, etc!
*P.S. there is a bug where the labels show incorrectly in the first level of the game. Going to the editor and re-opening it should solve the problem, but this probably should be fixed soon.

you should make it so you cant get out the screen and get lost

Wow cool! i’ll make sure to check it out later!

Hey @Luminous - great work, I love the updates! The music is really epic and fits the mood of the game. Also, the additional instructions are helpful to explain what’s happening. It was never all that obvious before, but it makes more sense now.

One issue I found is that right when I got into the city, I jumped to the left right out of the world. Then I restarted, and ended up jumping off the right side of the world :slight_smile: Maybe you could consider adding some offscreen blocks so clumsy people like me can’t jump out of the world.

Anyway, great progress on the game.

When I played this again after a few months I knew that something was terribly wrong xD
I figured that half the people quit midgame because they didn’t know what to do in certain levels, so I had to remake all of the instructions. Thanks for the feedback! :grin:
*I’ll fix those bugs soon as well

@Luminous Welcome back! :grin:

Will check out the updates later. It sounds really good.

Yeah @Luminous Nice Work!

A lot of animations need reworks right now, and there’s still places where I need to add some. Right now it’s basically half concept and half finished game

Nice to see a front page user is back, good luck on the updates

I just finished another update on Story Mode, which contains the following:

-The lifebar will now restart the level you are on with full health, once depleted.

-The choices you make in certain situations (I.E. Hero quests/NPC dialogue) will now be analyzed, and your personality results will show up at the end of Scene 2 (Currently, it’s only supposed to work when you play from BEGINNING to END. I haven’t been able to play test it yet because kiwi6 deleted my uploaded music for some reason and I had to find and upload them again)

-New hero quest includes fixing a control panel, after defeating the semi-boss at Scene 2. Successfully fixing it will allow the player to read the 2nd part of Jack’s diary;

-New level in Scene 2: Avoid being discovered by the enemies by hiding in pillars of fog when they approach.

-2nd boss completed, along with a new map and backstory. Attack the boss’ energy core, appearing every 5 attacks, by climbing on an unstable platform. Successful hits will deal massive damage.

As always, if anyone does play it, it would be great if you could tell me if you find any bugs or suggestions to improve a level. (except for the world barriers, which I forgot to do once again lol)

Yeah I did that I and I couldn’t get back



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