I’ve wanted to review some games badly, so I set this up. 100 points in total. I will rate the games based on -

Gameplay - Game is fun and isn’t too hard but just at the point where it’s a good game. ?/10

Music/SFX - Sound effects and music are essential. They need to fit the style of the game and not be annoying. ?/10

Sprites - The style needs to fit the game’s idea and also make sense. They also shouldn’t be the already made ones. ?/15

Story - This isn’t too important, but if your story is good, I’ll add points. ?/5

Style - The game’s style should be good and satisfying. If the style is something stupid, you’ll lose points. ?/5

Creativity - Every game has a concept, but some are just great ideas that will give others more. The more creative, the better the game. ?/20

Fixed - Game isn’t buggy and isn’t easy to glitch out. ?/15

Code - The code in the game shows great effort and also works correctly. ?/20

Remember to tell me if the game is in demo or not meant for something, and I will try to not take off.
Greatest games (90 up)
Nyctophobia: 96 / 100

plz review

remember it is a demo that i have worked on for like 2 minutes


sorry didn’t mean to post that last comment there i thought I was on my discussion

Ok let’s go @seamothmaster45
DoM Maker

Gameplay - Creating your own game is a fun idea 5/10 for always different gameplay

Music/SFX - Not anything yet so 0/10

Sprites - I love the grass and the characters! 12/15

Story - It’s a game for your own thing, no story so 0/0

Style - I like the kind of brutal zombie style. 5/5

Creativity - A new idea on flowlab and it’s amazing! 16/20

Fixed - Isn’t super buggy but things can get out of place. 9/15

Code - A good amount of code and shows some effort. 12/20

In all - 59/100 or 59/95 with story not taken off.

thanks @Diamondkittyxl just a word of advice make the reviews longer! I don’t know if you were just making it short because it was a demo, but the longer it is the more appreciated it is!

I have 2 games you can review if you dont mind.

One is called Drive Nero, and its downloadable in the google play store:

The other if from the Flowjam that I worked together with Baron called Nyctophobia:

I don’t mind it’ll just take longer.

Ok let’s go @“JR 01”
Drive Nero

Gameplay - I like the game and I think it’s a little hard after a while, but that’s what’s supposed to happen… 7/10

Music/SFX - I like the music but not many sound effects, still fun to listen to. 7/10

Sprites - I love the style of the game and the sprites feel well fitting. The cars look amazing and so do the birds. 14/15

Story - Not really a game with a story but I guess since your driving a jumping there is something going on that makes you want to play. 2/5

Style - As I said I love black and white style. The black on the objects and white background are very well pulled off. I love the animations and the cool lights. 5/5

Creativity - I know it’s based on the dino game but the idea of a jumping car is very creative as well as the way you pulled all of the game off. 15/20

Fixed - The game isn’t buggy as I know though I think that it should show the button on the restart / highscore button. 14/15

Code - The code honestly surprised me. It was so well sorted and looked like it took a while to create. 20/20

Overall - 84/100. I like the concept and the art, as well as the amount of work put into the game. I want to also say congrats on getting the game on the app store. It’s fun to listen to as well as play, and I have never really seen this kind of idea on flowlab. Only a few things are off. Great job and thanks for the game!

Um @“JR 01” is Nyctophobia unfinished? I can’t seem to find out what to do. :confused: I went right for like 10 minutes but nothing but lights…

Keep going, there’s an end. Your suppose to dodge a monster as you play and shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes… if you dont die. There is no checkpoint system yet.


yeah @Diamondkittyxl not trying to be rude here but your 10 minutes was more like 10 seconds

Ok let’s go @“JR 01”

Gameplay - The gameplay is kind of confusing and slow, and the game is seriously too dark to see when you’re trying to jump from platform to platform. I like the monsters, though. 6/10

Music/SFX - The music totally fits the style but is used repetitively. The sound effects are great for the style and make me happy for some reason. 9/10

Sprites - (OVER RIDE) Ok these sprites… Are the flipping best sprites I’ve ever seen on flowlab. The game looks like it’s professionally done and took months to create. And that starting screen, it’s perfect for the design! Also, how the heck did you made such perfect animations?! 20/15

Story - I really like the idea of climbing a tower with monsters and ok I have to admit that text is very hard to make in flowlab. Idk how you made the text transition like that, but I love it. Overall this story is great and everything fits well with it. 5/5

Style - I just love the magic theme. Everything is perfectly fit with the style. 5/5

Creativity - I already said this, but I love the idea of a tower filled with monsters and eerie sounds. This game surely has some amazing ideas. Okay to start off the background is so cool and looks perfect. Also the sprites are overall some of the best ideas I’ve ever seen. Love it. 20/20

Fixed - No bugs besides a small one that glitches the jumping. It can be annoying but I think you made it on purpose. At first I thought that this game can’t be perfectly fixed but it pretty much was. 14/15

Code - Wow. Ok the amount of code you put into this game isn’t too much but it’s still functions the game perfectly. It shows great effort to create something people will love. 17/20

Overall - 96/100. Never knew it was possible for such an astonishingly good game to be on flowlab. The sprites are absolutely perfect for the creative style and I think this game deserves something bigger. I’ll try to grow it by featuring it on this discussion as one of my favorite games. I only hope that you can alter the gameplay in small amounts. This is probably the best “platformer” game on flowlab. Proud of you. :slight_smile:

This is a review forum for every kind of game. Anyone can rate games, not just me. It’s a free forum but try to be nice and not get jealous please. Also rate in any way you like, I like reading reviews for some reason though.

Thanks, I had only 2 weeks to make the game and I wouldn’t be able to create it if I didn’t have Baron to focus on the art. Given me time to focus on programming and integrating everything to create the fluid gameplay and monster ai’s. I’m hoping on finishing the game as a demo in the coming weeks so there is plenty I want to add. Please look forward to future updates!