Rip my indie account I guess

I cancelled my subscription but I didn’t expect my indie account to turn into a free one. I don’t want to get charged for a new year when the subscription ends, that’s why I cancelled it. It just doesn’t make sense how I lose my indie account.

So you payed for a year of Flowlab indie, cancelled flowlab indie, and now your surprised you lost your year? What the fuck did you think would happen?

@Crigence woah, careful.

If you cancel a subscription, you still payed for the whole year. Therefore youre supposed to keep the account, until your next payment is due. Otherwise you just wasted your money.

Dont jump to conclusions.

@CrimsonBlackGames Yeah that’s exactly what I tried to say.

@Crigence Can you stop being rude, and stop swearing as well? Your behavior really annoys me.

Yeah @Crigence you swear a ton please stop

… Don’t kids use FlowLab as well, @Crigence ?

@Crigence I’m sorry, you’re not acting mature enough to me, so I’m not going to put the effort to read that. It just feels like you’re trying to attack me, and you don’t seem to understand what cancelling a subscription means.

@rcreger Yes there definitely are, and I used to be one as well when I joined this forum. I was like 10 when I started using flowlab.

Anyway, I trust @grazer and I’m pretty sure he has a solution for this.

Oh, it was a rhetorical question @Latif .

Hey, Sorry about that @Latif - your account is re-upgraded to indie (but the subscription is of course still cancelled).

Thanks @grazer