Rise 2.0!

I cloned Rise and named it Old Rise, that is gonna be all the old stuff(like the skins and intro and) I also named Rise, Rise 2.0 and that will be what I work on. Its gonna have an infinite Runner mode, Challenges maybe XP, and its gonna be super polished!

Note: Most of the skins from Old Rise will not be in Rise 2.0. ( I know thats kinda sad but the new ones will be way better and will all match the same theme!)

Rise 2.0 will not work for a while, as Im working on it. But if you want to play you can play Old Rise.

I just saw this @“Johnny boy” - this feels like the time @“Biscuit Butter” announced Kid’s Quest 2, I am very excited! Good luck!

Thanks, @rcreger

No problem, your game is among my favorites! You go above and beyond for the players satisfaction, which, I think, makes you one of the best developers on FlowLab! Nice work @“Johnny boy” , and have a great day!