River Sound Effects

Where did I go wrong with the code? I want the sound effect of the river to stop playing when i go to the next level in the cave

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If you “Go” to a different level, the sound effects from the previous one should stop if there are no Water objects in it.

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Thats the problem it doesn’t stop. So the code looks right to u?

You are supposed to connect the “Done” to the “Go”. Not the “Stop” to the “Go”.

The Stop Output activates when the stop input is activated. The Done output activates once the sound is over. Therefore you connect the “Done” to the “Go”.

I did that and it automatically took me to the next level with out moving my person

Could you leave a link to the game? Sounds shouldn’t cross levels unless the object is set to stay between levels.

Is this object in both levels?

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No only in the forest level. when u enter the cave the sound should shut off. even when u hit the spikes at the bottom & play again same problem.

Flowlab Game Creator - Cave Test

Ok few I can still at least solve this one.

This is the code for the Cave Entrance

This is the code for the River

There does seem to be a bug here, the sound isn’t suppose to play when it loads to the next level.

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I did the code for the river Sound effects still plays

I did the code right?

For the most part, I’m still not sure why you want to move the the next level right after the water sound plays. You only stay on the level for like a second, but there does seem to be a bug here with this method.

The object to the game is t\when u go into the cave the entrance gets blocked by the falling rocks. once u r in the cave u shouldnt hear the water flowing.

Yes, but what I’m asking is why the water object is what making you go to the next level?

It was because some1 haf me connect a wire directly to go to the next level. so i took that witr out.

Check if you’re stopping the river sound effect in the level transition code. Ensure the stop() method is called on the sound object before entering the cave level.