Robot Reboot - (Coming Soon)

No, this has nothing to do with Epic Games’ other game “Robot Recall”. This is completely different

So over the years, before I discovered Flowlab, I have always wanted to make an RPG game. My first one (which I deleted) was titled “Minicraft: Superstar Edition”. However, as I just mentioned in parenthesis, I deleted the game because 1) I lost 100% of my motivation in that game, 2) Minicraft already exists, and 3) I don’t want to get a lawsuit for copyright infringement. After that, my games were all pretty much just platformers and arcade games and what-not.
And then an idea of a robot revolution came up in my mind. Now, I am making a game called “Robot Reboot” (The name is still not final, any suggestions are accepted).
What is the plot of Robot Reboot?
In a world where robots forced humanity into fleeing the Earth, a mysterious computer virus begins to infect the robots, making them hostile towards each other. In order to combat this virus, the humans, who now realize that the Earth is in danger, develop a robot called the Sentient Automatic Machine of Intelligence (also known as S.A.M.I), which has the ability to fight or cure robots infected with the virus. S.A.M.I has no memory of being manufactured by the humans, however, and it is encouraged by the other robots to fight against the humans. S.A.M.I’s code tells it to either destroy the other robots or cure them of the virus. Which path will S.A.M.I take? Will they help ally the humans and robots? Will they fight against robots or humans… or both? That all depends on your journey, your choices, and your opinions.
How many endings will there be for Robot Reboot?
There will be five endings. The Peace Ending comes when you cure all robots and unite them with humans. The Mortality Ending comes when you slaughter all humans that you face, but spare the robots. The Scrap Ending comes when you slaughter all robots that you face, but spare the humans. The Rogue Ending comes when you destroy both humans and robots. The Neutral Ending comes if you fail to complete the necessary steps to achieve any of these endings.
Can I play Robot Reboot now?
No, sorry. I literally just made the game. This discussion will showcase teasers and community suggestions. Robot Reboot is divided into multiple chapters/episodes (like Minecraft: Story Mode and Dark Deception), so when the first two chapters are finished, I may open the game then. So please, do not ask for the link, or I will have to remind you that the game is not ready yet.
Will Robot Reboot be exported?
Yes, Robot Reboot will be exported, but only when I am 100% finished with the game. This may take a loooooooooooong time.


@Superstargames as long as you don’t sell it, you cannot be sued. Trademarks only prevent other people fron selling it, not making fan art or fan pieces, which is what you are doing.

Also, neat idea for a game, sounds like a pg undertale lol

Either way, I chose not to continue Minicraft.
Make this the theme for the intro

So, the fighting system for the game. I haven’t started working on it yet, but it might work something like this:
In the game map, if you bump into an enemy, you will enter a fight sequence. When it is your turn, you have three different options: Fight, Repair, and Cure/Mercy.

Fight: Attack an enemy using Fightrons, an energetic substance that is used to damage robots and life-forms. If an enemy suffers enough damage, they will die. Attacking a robot enemy at least once will expose their circuitry, however will make human enemies less likely to accept your mercy (see Cure/Mercy).
Repair: Heals a portion of your health. Can only be used three times per battle.
Cure/Mercy: For a robot enemy, Curons are an energetic substance that forces a system reboot, as long as their circuitry is exposed (circuitry is exposed through Fighting). Several Curons may be needed to actually reboot an enemy. Once the enemy has been rebooted, they will no longer fight you. For a human enemy, Curons simply tell them that you are friendly, and they may stop fighting after a certain amount of Curons are delivered. Attacking a human enemy is not advised when trying to spare them, since Fightrons negate the effects of Curons and will make it harder for them to accept your mercy.

When the enemies attack, they will lob Fightrons at you. Luckily, S.A.M.I is automatically equipped by another energetic substance called Defendrons. Defendrons negate the effects of Fightrons, acting like a shield. If an enemy Fightron hits the Defendron, it will disappear. If it manages to pass it though, you’ll get hurt. S.A.M.I can only handle the force of 5 Fightrons, and if he takes more than that amount, he will be destroyed, and you will lose the battle.

The combat system may seem complex, but don’t worry. You will be given a tutorial and several reminders along your journey telling you about the combat system.

Also, I should add how each energetic substance affects the other.
Fightrons damage enemies and negate Curons.
Defendrons absorb damage and negate Fightrons.
Curons force a system reboot OR show pacifism and negate Defendrons.

I would find more suitable names, like
These are latin deriviations, by the way.
Seems neat already though!

Hmm, good idea @“meburningslime”, I could use those names as well (although I am still using the original names because they are still a bit self-explanatory without needing translator).

But they sound less cheesy. No one knows what a phaser stands for, but we all know and love it.

Now, for the locations that you traverse through.
Depending on which ending you take, you may visit more or less locations in the game. Thus, the game gets slightly longer or shorter based on how you play the game. For example, the path to getting the Scrap Ending is shorter than the path to getting the Rogue Ending.
Some of the locations in the game are based on real world locations. Here is a list of a few locations that I have come up with, the real world counterpart, and the name of the boss that you’ll fight there (and which path they will fight you on). Keep in mind that this is not the final list and it could have additions, removals, or changes to the list.

Neon New York City - Based on New York City, United States
Boss: Neon Enforcers (Any)

Madrid Machine - Based on Madrid, Spain
Boss: Clawborg (Any), Tinker Titan (Scrap/Rogue)

Robot Rio - Based on Rio de Janero, Brazil
Boss: River Guardian (Scrap/Rogue/Peace/Neutral), Liberator (Mortality/Rogue)

Cairo Cogs - Based on Cairo, Egypt
Boss: Tech Tut (Any), Neutralizer (Rogue/Mortality)

Automated Angeles - Based on Los Angeles, United States
Boss: Mother Computer (Scrap/Rogue/Neutral), Tinker Titan X (Scrap/Rogue), Liberator X (Mortality/Rogue)

Earth Orbit - Based on the Earth Orbit
Boss: Captain Hisoka (Rogue), Virus Maker (Peace/Neutral)

Neat! What I would love to see, however, is a final boss where you fight… yourself. Not exactly, but your concience. It would be an endgame boss for Mortality.
By the way, love the alliteration.

Thinking about it, fighting your conscience would be a great idea for one of the final bosses. S.A.M.I was created by humans, and his code says to fight or cure robots. The Mortality path is when you destroy the human race but do nothing to the robots. That contradicts S.A.M.I’s code, which says to not harm humans, and thus is an immoral deed. As for the Rogue path, where you kill all robots and humans, the final boss may be Captain Hisoka (which is mentioned in my previous comment).

I would also have a secret time travel ending to prevent the robots from ever taking over in the first place, kind of like 1 from Star Trek Voyager.
I mean, technology had to have advanced throughout that time, maybe the enemies have no defense against his attacks?

meburningslime not true, because for example the nintendo take down super mario made in dreans and the game not be sell, only in dreams to play


The endings sound a lot like endings from Undertale… HMMMMM…

@“nalcwap”, Super Mario is not only trademarked, but it is also copyrighted. @“meburningslime” was just saying that I won’t have to worry about getting a lawsuit if I made Minicraft: Superstar Edition. Minicraft is not licensed under copyright or trademark, but I decided to play it safe and not continue anyways, because at the time I didn’t know that Minicraft was not copyrighted.

In case you are confused why I said Minicraft instead of Minecraft, Minicraft is kind of like a top down version of Minecraft made by the same creator. However, since he left, Minicraft fell under the hands of many of his fans. Minecraft is still protected by copyright, but Minicraft is in the public domain.

@Superstargames check the music, I added one that fits perfectly into your game.

Final bossfight music: Fate of the World
I am also using some of @“meburningslime”'s music for some of the battles, although right now I am not sure which ones to pick since they are all so good. Here is the link to his discussion.

Hey man thanks!
Is there anything I could make for you? Any specific themes or settings? Honestly, I’m that bored. Either that or make Siren Head pixel art.