Hello this is my first game. Feel free to play and give comments on how to improve.
It currently has 3 levels.
Game :

To be honest, for a first game, this is really cool! I personally like plateformer games, and I love how you have different verities of blocks throughout each level! This is a really good start as a Flowlab Creator!

There can be some improvements, such as more enemies. Also, try to make your own sprites! It will help you progress and learn as you create.

Otherwise, I love it!

Thanks for the tip. I tried to make my own sprites and updated the game.

I’m the same guy as @“ShadowAxeKid Productions”

What you have done with the art is astounding! When I started Flowlab the best I could do was make slimes and tiny weapons. But THIS is quite impressive, dude! This is incredible!