Rotate Sprite Editor

This is by far the most wanted feature (in the sprite editor category) ever for me. @grazer could you please add a rotator to the sprite editor? it would make things so much easier.

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Why make a new thread for this? Are you requesting something different than the discussion here: Rotating objects in Level Editor ?

@grazer, I believe he’s asking for the option in the sprite editor itself.

And @ShadowGaming, the sprite editor is planned to get a new makeover after this next update is released, so please be patient in the mean time. This request is already in the to do list in the Trello (link below) for the sprite editor.


Oh, ok - I was confused :slight_smile:


@JR01 is right @grazer . But yes I am patient don’t worry lol. Honestly, I didn’t see anything about the rotator in sprite editor feature requests before. :slight_smile: