Rotating Sprites While Editing

I don’t know if it’s possible (Or already a thing I’m unaware of), but the possibility to rotate a sprite would save a lot of time, especially if I have to change the orientation and such.

Like if I was making a windmill (as an example), I’d make one blade, copy, rotate the sprite 90 degrees and paste so I have another. It’s not really something I need, just something I’m sure everyone would find useful in some way. even if it was only able to change by 90-180-270, it’s still pretty useful.

I actually once thought about posting the same topic but decided I was too lazy for it. :slight_smile:
There’s not too much use for it right now, but it would be pretty convenient.


I agree this would definitely be useful!

Why don’t you make a one frame object and just rotate it instead of animating the rotation?

@“Mhx Ar”

I’m not fully understanding what you’re saying there.

Rotating a sprite while editing, and also Reflecting across the x and y axis, could start sprites facing a different way, or if you wanted to make something (for instance, a 2d platformer like Mario) face the opposite direction without having to manually do it.

You can’t do it in flowlab. We have object flip and object rotation, but not for sprite editing. There are plenty of free online and downloadable editing programs for graphics.

@“Mhx Ar”

Hence why I’m asking for that feature. I wouldn’t be stating that if it was already an option available in Flowlab. If there was such feature, this whole thread is pointless, as is your statement regarding it. I thank you for your reply regardless.

Did you only want mirroring and 90 rotations or full 360 rotations?

@“Mhx Ar”
Mirroring (both horizontally and vertically) and 90* degree rotations. 360 wouldn’t do anything except bring me right back where I started, haha.

I cant imatine 360 being too helpful, because it would be really hard to get it on an exact degree. Anyway, Id rather have a 45 degree turn… it would be more helpful.