Round system and cursor issue

How do I make a round system that checks if all enemies are dead from previous round?
(I don’t want to make two topics) and also I have to extract the cursor to make my player rotate but it usually turns uncontrollably for no reason and I don’t know what to do. Thanks!


For the second problem try clicking the “Use game coordinates” instead of “use screen coordinates” in the “Mouse move” behaviour.

For the first problem, probably just make a global value that is the number of enemies, make the death of each enemy subtract global value by one, and when it reaches zero output that all enemies are dead.

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But for the second problem it still rotates if you are not constantly moving the cursor because it doesn’t update coords

Maybe post the link to the game? I don’t really know what’s going on.

Flowlab Game Creator - One n' Gun this is just the round level that I am working on and if you stop moving cursor it will spin.

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oh, that should be simple, just constantly get a number

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I just have one last question about the round system. I don’t really know how to establish that into the game and code it. Do you know any way to do it? I already set up global values for anytime an enemy spawns/dies

? wdym, doesn’t this work?

I just don’t understand how it would load a new round with new enemies in the same level

oh. Well you can send messages to other objects. Send a message to the object that spawns enemies and tell it to spawn more enemies.

I would make a continuous detection for any enemies in the game. If there are none, begin tje next wave.