RP example... I guess

I’m currently making an rp game, but there is not a lot to do now so I’ll just leave it as an example.
game link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1565662

btw, try pressing space once you are in the game.

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if you exand the map it could get popular continue making it i like it so far i would like to beat it when it gets an ending :slight_smile:

Im going to add more characters and extend the map soon. sometimes you will have to complete a minigame to gat a character. And you will beat the game by defeating a hidden boss in the map.
Btw, i might add more endings and more hidden bosses than 1.

ok, so I added a few new features to the game:

  1. Secret XP
  2. Character you unlock by getting the secret XP point
  3. Map extension
    I will keep on adding updates to the game. I think the next character is going to be a minigame one.
    btw, I’m going to make a new area like the starter one with more character boxes.
    Edit: I call the color/ detail change when you press space on characters reformed versions.
    Note: Later when I add more XP you will not need the secret XP to get to the 4th character.

If you go into the editor, you will see that every character inside the game is just an animation frame, so I can’t really add walking animations so I’m trying to make the characters look like they don’t really need moving animations.
Edit: there is a new area coming in the game, but you can only see a small orange part of the new area.