RPG like zelda with game changing choices


I’m new here. This looks like the most user friendly non-programming needed game making system I’ve seen in a while. I want to make a game with mechanics like Zelda, but LOTS of dialogue, and lots of choices.

In fact I want to make it educational ideally - though this may be too ambitious, but will float it here anyway. Ideally player would interact with an NPC and be given some information. Then player would have option to either search or type answers, which would then give possible answers to ‘choose’. And these answers would likely lead to other options being available. And if you get the answers right good things happen, and if wrong, the NPC turns into a zombie and attacks you.
Given how complex that is, will settle for simple multiple choice questions, and answer determines next dialogue, and depending on final answer, NPC goes into zombie or not.

Also no levelling up needed, but different items (looks easy to customise appearance of these - how about stats?) needed to be acquired after completing certain tests.

Is this feasible? Any tutorials about this sort of thing?

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Hi @Fhiro

Flowlab is not really user friendly with games like this.

If you want to make dialogues you would have to make a dialogue object and create an animation with text in each frame. Changing the label’s text is not possible, and making a label invisible and showing another label will take a lot of time if the dialogue is long. You can make it so when you click the screen/press a key/something else it goes to the next frame. Flowlab’s sprite editor doesn’t have a text tool so you would have to use another editor like mspaint, paint.net etc. and upload it to flowlab. Piskel is a nice editor too, you can use it in your browser.

A text box is not possible with flowlab. I know it’s weird. Flowlab has been in beta for years, and it rarely gets updates. 10$ per month (5$ if year subscription) is way too much for a game creator like this, but that’s just my opinion. Anyway, back on topic now.

For choices the easiest way is to use the keyboard, like “Yes (Z), No (X), Later ©”. It’s sad we can’t make multiple buttons in alerts, because that would be much easier. If you really want buttons you would have to send a message to the dialogue object when clicking it, and you have to change its visibility when you want the player’s choice.

I know you don’t understand anything I’ve said, so I will (hopefully) make a short example game when I’m home.

For tutorials you can check out the help page. You should also take a look at the examples and the behavior documentation.

" Changing the label’s text is not possible, and making a label invisible and showing another label will take a lot of time if the dialogue is long. "

It’s the easiest thing in the world… Awakening it’s full of text boxes… U just need an object with one animation (each frame is an different dialogue) and then it skips to the next frame with a click.

Click (down) -> (+)(in)Number -> (go to)Animation

@PixelPizza ???

You didn’t read the entire paragraph

Also, why in and + in the number? They both send the output so you actually send the output twice. Did you know that inputs with a white dot send an output and inputs with blue ones don’t?

@Latif3 But also the choices aren’t that hard to do
Oh and @“Mhx Ar” did something like this before:

He could use this but with text boxes

I have finished the example game by the way. Sorry if it’s complicated, you can just copy it/make something similar and figure out the concept :stuck_out_tongue:

Open the editor in this game and take a look: https://flowlab.io/game/play/722416

Thanks all. Will look into. Very very kind of you