RPG test

I’ve made some custom sprites and I want to know if anyone needs me to make some sprites for them! This is a very unfinished game its just a test to show off my sprite makeing skills tell what you think and like my game!


JJ Blocks

Please note you need to give credit if you use my sprites

@TomNotTomYT @grazer


You didn’t post a link - where are the sprites?

Oops here

don’t use the ones in the game their just an example on what I can do for you :wink:

@grazer @TomNotTomYT @“Fish can Roll”

Hello here?


Looks a little too similar to Pokmon. Did you trace or take reference of them?

Yep its a joke XD to show how many Pokmon there are now XD

I cant believe you fond out the reference XD


Ah, ok

Its gong to be called Pokmon dirt and mud XD

(didn’t think that someone would get the reference.)d

Ur really good at dis, all my sprites look like trash

my game is about trash though


Hello Jojo Gerard I would like to have some of your sprites in my game and I will give you credit They will be in the credits at the end of my game or on the home screen btw dont mind dont mind the menu it is a work in progress