Run and Jump behavior bundle issue and other oddness

Let me start off by saying I’ve refreshed the game several times so that’s not it. I’ve even tried opening it in a new browser window.

My game:

First issue is that I’ve chosen the Run and Jump behavior bundle for the character, but it only allows it to move left, flip, and move right. It cannot jump. Furthermore, when it does try to move right or left it gets stopped after a few pixels.

Yet sometimes, I will refresh and then it can move freely left and right, but still cannot jump. Any ideas what’s going on?

Second issue is that in the editor my monkey object has its hind legs flush with the blocks underneath it as intended, but when playing the game it hovers a pixel or two above the blocks.


Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 9.38.42 PM

Game play:

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 9.40.26 PM

Hmm, this is not new for me either. When the player gets stuck you have to jump before it can move properly again. And in one of my games an object is getting stuck between walls, even though there’s some space between them. It used to work fine before. Maybe the sprite hitboxes are getting bigger than intended? This is the buggiest time of Flowlab I’ve seen in my whole experience :\
Idk about the jump part tho

Hmm. I can’t jump even when I hit the up key first.

Try tampering with the object shape. Circle will usually give you trouble

@jngthree I had it set to rectangle when I originally posted. When I switch to capsule I can move freely left and right, but can’t jump, and for some reason the character is an inch off of the bricks below. Same issues when I choose circle.

Try messing with bundle. Connect “once” to the switch to turn it on. Maybe that would work

Also make sure to release the jump key before you land.

I see two issues:

  1. The baboon cannot move easily because he s a rectangle, so his corners can easily get snagged on ground blocks. This is an issue commonly called “ghost vertices”, you can see a detailed explanation here: The usual fix is to either make the character use a circle collider, or use long single blocks for the ground object.

  2. The player cannot jump because he doesn’t have enough jump force. The larger you make an object, the heavier it gets, so it will need more force to get it off the ground.

Thanks, @grazer . Using long ground blocks worked and prevents the character from getting snagged and increasing the jump force worked as well. The only thing I couldn’t fix was him hovering off the ground. Changing from rectangle to circle to capsule had no effect.

I’ll look into this - it looks like the sprite is misaligned by one pixel. This is probably due to a rounding error somewhere in the rendering process.

@grazer Bumping this, but only because there’s an additional issue beyond the possible one you’re looking into. The object now will only jump once or twice, and will then not be able to, and in addition it ceases to flip back and forth. Oddness.

I have the same issue. I can’t figure out how to fix it

@“Robo-guy 3000” did you try all the tips posted above?

@“Mhx Ar” I tried out grazer’s advice and it works now, but it’s gonna take a while to do the ground :). thnx

P.S. @grazer Is there any other way for my character to still have rectangle collider and not have to put in long single blocks?

@grazer never mind, I found a way for it to work. I changed the ground collider to capsule so the character wouldn’t snag on it.