Run and Jump bundle needs to be fixed

@grazer I noticed this 4 years ago when playing Morton the Monkey for the first time, that I was constantly getting stuck and couldn’t jump unless I walked around for a bit. It puzzled me then, and it just puzzled me now. The issue lies with the “Up to off” and the left, right, up collisions. I was getting jumps from touching walls, and if I let go of up after I landed, the collision turns jump on, but I let go of up and it is now locked. I can’t jump anymore, because I’m on flat ground and let go of up after the collision. This needed to be fixed years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I looked into it. I’ve been using my own jumping system to avoid this issue. Now I won’t have to worry about other new people having that problem if you adjust it.

Remove up, left and right collision
Remove up to off
Connect impulse out to off

Yeah, that has been an issue, but it lies in the collision, thats why I make the number itself turn off the message, because its instant, and is off before you land @“Mhx Ar”

Making the number turn it off is still bad, just not as bad. If you tap up just as you touch the ground, you won’t jump and you’ll lock your jump. If someone spams up or tries to jump jump jump across platforms, they might accidentally sweet spot that landing and fall off the platform because their jump is locked. Since impulse can only activate when it is unlocked, you can’t ever lock the jump without already impulsing. You can’t lock the jump while falling either.

Hmm, maybe have the character detect when its fallinf, and when it is, it activated this switch, that allows it to turn the jumping on once it detects that it lands, or that its no longer falling (whichever triggers first

So two switches?
Up switch 2 off
Y velocity negative switch 2 on
collision in
Out switch 1 on
Up in switch 1

That’s not going to do anything better than impulse turning the switch off. Besides, if for some reason the switch 1 or 2 doesn’t turn off, you’ll keep air jumping.

Impulse to switch off works because it turns off from jumping, not from pressing up. You could press up anytime while falling, but you can’t impulse in the air because the switch locks immediately after the first impulse. It also works for triggers that don’t have an up output, like messages.