Run and Shoot games

How do I make a game like this? :

oh, that looks really easy for me. would take a week tops.
actually, I was going to make a mini game like that for DA Light Attack.
anyway, Idk if you could actually pull it off. I feel I would be making it 100% for you… you always ask how to make all these games, try to focus on one :confused:
its nice you’re enthusiastic though.

Thanks. I got my Dad to play Colorland. He likes it. But, the jumping is a bit stinky. But, after I fix that and finish my game, I was going to probably make the second Colorland in 3D. But, I’m not good at all with unity, and when I was aloud to play Roblox, I stank at creating. Right when I almost got the hang of it, Mom didn’t like the concept of Slenderman. Any websites where I might do that?

I love Roblox!!! Whats your username? My username is LOLMANYAY

Didn’t you hear the part where I said, WHEN I WAS ALLOWED TO PLAY ROBLOX. I keep asking my mom. She says I have to “EARN HER TRUST”. mainly because I kept playing Slenderman, and she hated those. So, I have to do a certain ammount of chores before I get it back. And, I will have to get a new username.