Here is my game, it is called Runner, can you please give me feedback: (Though don’t tell me to make the speed slower, I’d have to re-engineer all of the level if I changed it.)

Alright. So first off, I recommend slowing down the speed a bit. I literally played for 5-7 minutes and it’s pretty much impossible to get through the beginning of the game while going that fast.
I recommend that you slowly increase the speed as the player advances through the game.

Next is that when you place that blue “New Type 46” block, you should place it a little earlier. Where you have it right now, it catches the player off guard and it’s a bit annoying because it also doesn’t give the player enough time to prepare for the first jump. I edited it and put it right at 7/7. That should give the player enough time to prepare.

That’s about it, other than these it’s a great game! Keep working hard :slight_smile:

Also just @ me when you respond!

@My2ndOpinions1st you can submit it to bored game jams or GAME REVIEW if you want i can review your game there!