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You can fit more levels into the set amount by creating multiple “levels” inside one level space, and just teleport the player around.

Well I already tried that but it failed because I also need to save features so I don’t run out of space.

Is there a free version available?
I looked on the itch.io one, and seen a free file, but I could not download it.

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When you go onto the website, it’ll ask that for your email so an automated response will email you the free files.

Both of the free files, the prototype and the high-quality paper scans have premium versions, which I’m assuming that if you do pay for it, then you probably get slightly more than just the free versions.


Hi @Good_Games
@ManiacPumpkin is right, when you subscribe on my website you get a cute email with the Free Download links:

You can also purchase the packs (or the Bundle with both) to get permanent Access to the paid version which will get various content (more assets & stuff) updates over time!
I have some awesome things planned :smile::sparkles:

Here’s my website link again, you will find the download Button right away:


Also thanks to everyone who purchased and joined my mailing List! Yall are awesome :blush::love_letter:
I love that with your support I can make more useful and cool tools for other passionate creatives (you) :fire:!!
We’re also New & Trending on Itchio! Let’s gooooo!
Thanks again :heart:


Hi everyone! :wave:t4:

I made two new covers for my Asset Packs, check it out! :blush:

Samuel Tomé - Designer & Game Developer - Prototype Asset Pack Cover Gif

Previously, the Asset Packs didn’t have a Cover with the proper dimensions for Itchio, so they were cropped out. Before:
Samuel Tomé - Designer & Game Developer - Asset Packs Previous Covers

You can check my Itchio page, with all my Asset Packs here:

With the new Covers! :love_letter:

Samuel Tomé Designer & Game Developer Itchio Page Asset Packs & Misty Hollow

Have you had the chance to use my Asset Packs on your projects/games?
How was it? Did it help you with the Level/Game Design process?
Let me know your thoughts :blush:


On my Website progress news, I’m still working on getting my portfolio and games on my website, but in the meantime I made the “My Games” button link to my Flowlab Profile :smile:


Wait the free version of the asset packs are emailed to you right? And are the links in the email redirect you to itch.io?

Maybe that’s why it was blocked for me.

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Yea, the links from my Newsletter redirect you to the free version on Itchio :love_letter:


Oh itch is blocked for me :sob:
I guess I’ll have to get the free versions once my personal laptop is fixed.


Heyo everyone! :wave: :potted_plant:

The Prototype Asset Pack Game is now Available to play on Flowlab!

You can already play this Pack Demo on my website and Itchio.
But now you can also open the Editor and see how I made this game with Flowlab!
You can also check out how each Level uses the pre-made shapes to build a playable and fun world level easily.

I started making this Asset Pack about a year ago, and once I started using this, I’ve never looked back - Level Design is just so much easier as you can use the shapes as rulers for what size things should be before replacing the Assets with the final art! :star2:
I’ve been using it for all my latest game prototypes, Misty Hollow included. :jack_o_lantern:

Play the Game on Flowlab:

You can see the code, copy it, or just learn from it as well. Such as how I made the Skater Player rotate depending on the ground’s angle! :triangular_ruler: :skateboard:

I also added this Card to some of my games, so more people can know about my work and so they don’t miss out on these cool free Asset Packs! :smile: I really like how it looks ngl ahah.

Samuel Tomé Website Preview Card - Designer & Game Developer

Thanks for tuning in! See you soon!


Hi everyone!

Samuel & Friends! The Community Discord Server

I made a new Discord Server where I will share my games/creations and hang out with friends and the community :smiley:
Feel free to join the server, and let’s share art and the cute plants we find together!

It will be easier to share updates and progress on all my projects there :star2:
If you like my games and the stuff I make, def join, I would love to chat and get feedback from the community! :heart:

Samuel & Friends! - Click to Join the Discord Server


Samuel & Friends! - Discord Invite - Samuel Tomé


I cant join :sob:

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wassup why not? :laughing:
(20 chars limit)


He’s using Flowlab on a school laptop.

And he no longer has access to Discord either.

Also we found out how to bypass the 20 chars limit simply by making invisible words. To do that we put letters in-between a “<” and a “>”.



Heyo! If you want to up your level design for this Flowjam, I definitely recommend checking out my

Complete Prototype Asset Pack!

You can make and prototype levels (props, buttons, and mobile controls too) pretty quickly, while also improving the performance of your game and improving your exploration process as it greatly reduces the amount of 1x1 blocks you use for your levels :blush:

Tweaking your level design to better fit your game mechanics is easier as well, as you can move the bigger shapes instead of the 1x1 small blocks!

Prototype Asset Pack Better Level Design - Samuel Tomé Designer and Game Developer

Prototype Asset Pack Image Stress Free Great Level Design - Samuel Tomé Designer and Game Developer


Oh man! This will make quick developing a breeze! Thanks so much for reminding me! :slight_smile: