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You can fit more levels into the set amount by creating multiple “levels” inside one level space, and just teleport the player around.

Well I already tried that but it failed because I also need to save features so I don’t run out of space.

Is there a free version available?
I looked on the itch.io one, and seen a free file, but I could not download it.

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When you go onto the website, it’ll ask that for your email so an automated response will email you the free files.

Both of the free files, the prototype and the high-quality paper scans have premium versions, which I’m assuming that if you do pay for it, then you probably get slightly more than just the free versions.


Hi @Good_Games
@ManiacPumpkin is right, when you subscribe on my website you get a cute email with the Free Download links:

You can also purchase the packs (or the Bundle with both) to get permanent Access to the paid version which will get various content (more assets & stuff) updates over time!
I have some awesome things planned :smile::sparkles:

Here’s my website link again, you will find the download Button right away:


Also thanks to everyone who purchased and joined my mailing List! Yall are awesome :blush::love_letter:
I love that with your support I can make more useful and cool tools for other passionate creatives (you) :fire:!!
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