Sans jam - 2 days left!

Also, I gave you the link already, but please don’t “rate it” until the jam is done. The only thing that uses movement right now after all is the tutorial :slight_smile:

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Heh, the restriction color palette I kind of used… If you customize your car to be green…

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Theme Release

There’s nothing to see…

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Didn’t take that long to make, and there’s no game. It’s just a small story.

The main character is gay and he’s married with 2 children, happy pride month.


Very unique and interesting game.

I love the story. It is kinda a short-cut to what you could have done, but it honestly makes up of that with the story. Thanks for the submission! :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t decide if I should have added a menu.

Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder that there are 2 days remaining!!! I also messed up the dates. My brilliant idea was to have this game end on the day I join the benbonk game jam. Well, it starts tommorow lol. So…

  • Should I extend shorten the time for tommorow at 12:00 (Hard choice)
  • Keep normal (easy :frowning: )

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Also, the bug happened again. Can a regular change my title to “SANS JAM - 2 DAYS LEFT”

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Thanks @ManiacPumpkin! Were you planning on joining (or have you)?

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Sadly not. I started working on a somewhat big project recently since I just now got time to actually work on a game so I won’t be planning on joining any jams for a bit.

That’s unfortunate :frowning:. Well, good luck on your project. I am guessing ball game kinda died down?

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Pretty much, I will eventually update it and see if grazer could feature it.

That would be pretty cool. It’s surprisingly difficult these days to get on feature list.

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Well, today already came, and it seems everyone wanted easy. You have until tommorow, at 12:00. I will not release the winners though until Monday.

Dino dev wins by default. It has a great story, but I wish it had some gameplay. Even if it was like an animation with black and white characters to fit the theme, that would have been great

Unfourtenetly, I am not going to hold another game jam here. I have gotten only 1 participant for the last 2 jams, and it really isn’t fun. I am going to be holding them on itch now, and you will find it by this name:

SANS JAM “insert season here” “insert year here”

Thanks for the jam!

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Alright! Maybe I’ll join some of your jams over there, I just realized was even a thing so now I’m on there a ton!

Also, I agree. The game was made in like 30 minutes and I didn’t really care for gameplay at the time.