Save Cherry! - JR 01 Flowjam entry

Here’s my Entry for the 2021 Winter Flowjam!

So this one was almost not finished on time and had some last minute decisions. This Flowjam, we plan to take it easy and make a small fun game with not too much in it. We’re not focused on winning the Flowjam, especially since we were previous winners. If we somehow do when, we will most likely pass down the win to the next competitor.

This game was designed by @Baron_Wasteland, including the art, game idea, and structure. I honestly had no idea what to do with this Jam when it started. I programmed the game based off of his sketches, but after here and there, I think it turned out great.

Try the game with the link below, and let me know what you think of the game below.


Not bad… Caught me off guard with the entry

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Yeahhh, I submitted it 2 hours before it closed.
We not only took it easy, but we kinda procrastinated lol

Yep… I made a game for the jam to: Flowlab Game Creator - ARMAGEDDON

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It’s… has a little lag to it…

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