Save to File?

Are we able to download our games into files or is that not wanted or is it just not added yet?
If it was not going to be added and it isn’t already there wouldn’t that be great to add?

the games are built online for online, you can make them into iOS (ipod and such) games, and future Android games, but they still only work if you’re connected to the internet. you can click the share button to send the link to people, or embed it in their site, but its still for online, its shockwave flash, sorry. Regular flash games are swf, I don’t think these are able to be offline, but of course I CAN BE WRONG :slight_smile:

Try this -
*Open Firefox and go to the website that has the Shockwave game you want to play offline.
*Click “Tools” in the file menu and select “Page Info.” The “Page Info” dialog box will appear.
*Click on the “Media” icon at the top of the “Page Info” dialog box.
Browse through the addresses and locate the .swf (Shockwave file extension) file in the list. Note that the type will be “Embed.”
*Click “Save As” and save the file anywhere on your computer.
*Locate the .swf file you saved on your computer. Drag and drop into your web browser icon or right-click the .swf file, select “Open With” and choose your browser from the list.