Saving block pos?

So when you place blocks and leave you can come back and the blocks will still be there any idea how to do this

You could use extractors to save the blocks position and then use a saveblock to save it.
I’ll try to make an image of what I mean.

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Actually, I can’t make an image. :frowning: My laptop still thinks its on the school network right now so flowlab is blocked.

it wont work bc a save block saves globaly that means if one block saves then another block will fight over one global save

You could make it so it loads a specific saved coordinate when in a specific level.

that wont work ether

I’ll just show you what I mean through a drawing, give me like 10 minutes.

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Behold my wonderful art piece.

So, the once goes into the level behavior’s “get” input which sends the number of what level the player is in. Then that number is given to a filter to see if they’re in the right level. (So, [Once]-> ["Get"Level]->[“in"filter"pass”]->["Load"Save])
Then if in the correct level, the filter output will go through, “Pass” which will connect to the Load input of the save behavior. Then you could use an extractor to extract the objects X position and save it with a Once. (This could be done for each level and to do the Y position just do the same thing.)

in my game you place blocks say if i build a house i need that house to stay there even when i leave

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Since the house is made up of those blocks they should be able to save and therefore the house should too.



i need the house to not disapear

Do you mind showing me the code in the blocks? With a screenshot?

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i have no code in these blocks i have a test game with most of the code and i deleted the game so i can make a new test

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Sure, just make sure to implement the code in the blocks:
By the way, the “Equal to 1” in the filter changes depending on the level in gameplay. If you make a Menu Level then that level is most likely to be in level 1 so you should always check what level number the level you’re editing is and then copy and paste the code and change it.
Another thing is that the code does not just have to include the “X” position. You could change the extractor behaviour to “This Y” and name the save, “Y”. Another thing is that there has to be multiple save blocks for each level or it might break. I think.

I gotta go to the doctors now, so cya later.

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You need a List. I did this in Alpaca Raceway and Color Complex

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i need each indivisual block to save

Btw, you know you need a List for this because you’re dealing with a group of things. Whenever you work with a group like this, use a List.

Are the objects Spawned in?

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yes i tryed to use a list but it just ended up with the same number

Are you spawning the objects in?

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