Saving help for my game

So technically everytime I test out Chapter 2 for Playtime World, it would bring the players position from Chapter 1 into chapter 2, which means that if I was in 5x 5y pos in then it would bring me to 5x 5y pos even though I saved in 2x 2y.
Its very confusing and I need help with it.

can we have a link so we can find the issue?

Oop, Flowlab Game Creator -  In The Dark:Playtime World
Its in the player, just look at the saving stuff.
(Warning: Theres a lot of… spaghetti in there.)

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it’s locked

Oh, fixed.

Sorry its just someone likes datamining into the game, I just wanted to prevent that.

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You only have one save file, where is it even getting saved? The player loads in the level 2 one, but has no instructions to load in others, but it does save something to a different file?


Ohh, I think I figured out my problem.