Saving Progress / Data

Does anyone know how to save data, or progress in a Game? I tried to make it every time you touch the thing that takes you to the next level it sent a message to The Player adding to the Variable of “levels completed”. With this if “Level completed” = 1, then it will take them to The First Level. If “Level completed” = 2, it will take you to the second level. But 1. this does not work and 2. It will be time consuming for all my 70+ levels , and people who want to play my games want to be able to save progress, yet I still cannot figure it out. Can anyone Help?

The way you explained is the only way to do it.

In the first level make an object that reads a save block. If it’s equal to 0 stay on the level 1, if it’s 1 go to level 2 etc.

If you win a level, read the save block, add +1 and save it.

Hey @“The Kodex” - maybe post a link to your game? The way you described should work.

The Player (The Car) has it in “Save Data” Bundle

@“The Kodex”
Your set up is correct and works as it should.
The Problem is that the number you start with is a 0 (in the save) and 0 is not a level.

To fix this, you can make the value 1 on the title screen IF the value is only 0.

Also instead of of only the bus with the save data, I would also add the bundle to the “play” object on your “company Logo” level. This way, after restarting the game to the title screen, you would be placed in the correct level where you left off after pressing play.