you should be able to save on your games that whould be a great idea for flowlab!!!

save what? save where you are in the game? that is on the to do list. until then, level select is the best option.


i put in save points that give a code… when you type the code at a load game screen it brings you to where you ‘saved.’

^that’s what I would do, that or like Gameboy games that use 4 pictures you pick from for saves.


I would love this for Colorland. Please do add it.

I would ALSO like the saving so it saves when you go to another level then a load behavior to load the progress that was saved such as where the player was last saved, load the animations of a sprite, load the rotation degrees of the object, load the switches to be on or off or whatever it was saved as

dot, dot, dot.

@sketch582Admin, this post is from 2014.
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I Would Like To Learn More.
I NEEDHelp With A Saving Button
If You Need It Here’s My Game: (Still In Development) The Button Is In The Top Right Corner.

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Ok. I Need Help With A Saving ButtonTo Keep The Players Progress…
If You Need It Here’s My
An ScreenShot Would Be Helpful…

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