SB2 is complete.... but still WIP

It’s done!

What’s next? I don’t really know. I may make it another sequel, but it’s probably going to be in 3D
Unfortunately, there’s no real 3D engines like flowlab out there. So I may have to make it LOOK 3D, it would be tough but it would work I guess.

Edit: I have decided to continue adding onto it until I’m sure I know what I want to do and where to go from here.

Also, even though I can’t really play it, co-op is my favorite mode


Just curious, would it be possible to make multiple parallax layers in the background?

@grazer or maybe more layers.

Hey @jngthree - that has been requested quite a few times. I think it would be possible, although it might be a drag on performance. I’ll need to do some testing know how much.

@grazer which one?

well, all of them I guess :slight_smile:

I was thinking about multiple parallax, but the way things are implemented now each layer used has a pretty heavy memory cost. That could definitely be improved though.

The game now keeps track of the wave you make it to on bosses mode

It also keeps track of your highest level