SB2 is going to newgrounds!!

Yep, I was curious enough to upload it to see what happens… it’s in review now, and when/If it gets approved, I will post you a link here…

Awesome - are you just able to submit a link?

As far as posting it here, yes, but I don’t want it to be rejected and yall having a dead link…

As far as submitting it to NG, I just followed what @EnderBronze54 had…

Here you go!
Apparently I’ve already gotten some positive reviews already…

Anyway, I’ve gotten a request to make the ship more visible, is there a way I can create a pointer to highlight the ship in the GUI?


I had a seizure and died 10/10


What do you mean by “create a pointer”? I don’t follow.

@grazer Like an arrow in the middle of the screen that highlights and/or points at the ship

Okay, so I looked up SB2 to see where I stand on google, and the first thing I find is this:

This guy apparently likes my game, even to the point of putting it on this site. He did a surprisingly good job of describing the game.

He didn’t claim it as its own or anything, and it’s not like he could being it has my copyright on the title screen, so I’m going to let it slide.

That’s pretty wild. “Starblast 2 does involve lots of flashing colors, so please be wary if you have epilepsy.” heh :slight_smile:

I actually mentioned that myself on NG, which makes me wonder if he/they used it as a source