SB2 news.

new mode ideas!

The four main multi-platform modes (PC and mobile) have been completed, and I'm ready for more modes But... with new never-seen-before mechanics

Challenge mode:
3 lives, 20 levels

The levels are randomly generated but include a preset amount of enemies.

Uprising mode: you can’t shoot, and enemies now fallow you in a single file line. But sometimes a power up will appear. And when grabbed you will temporarily gain shooting abilities, and can shoot the line of enemies chasing you, earning you points.

Slowly, as the game progresses, the game speeds up. So eventually, everything ends up traveling twice as fast, including you.


As far as mobile is going, I'm pretty concerned. I am trying to think of a twin-stick mechanic @grazer is helping me think of a way to make reusable joysticks.

another note:

I also made a lesser version of the game that is designed to fight lag. That way people with weaker computers may play with ease. Not all the modes will be included in the future, but hey- it's better than nothing.


play low-quality here
play regular here

Nice additions!
Also on the scoreboard you spelled Chaos, Choas instead ;D @jngthree

Chaos is how autocorrect spells it, thanks for the suggestion though! @henf25

No wait… I see what you mean… oops

I need to find a way to edit it. Because as usual I don’t have the tools I need to edit it
@grazer I could swap out the letters if you made a select tool and a move selection tool

That’s why it’s my list of things I’ve always wanted. I didn’t make it for no reason :stuck_out_tongue:

Starblast looks like it could be a multiplayer game… idk

Starblast legends is coming :smiley:

Oh god

I wonder how and why that happened. Maybe someone saw mine? Idk


Also, I have a SBtoy. Yes, it’s custom, and yes, it’s one of a kind… for now :wink:

Also, I made a shield mechanic that activates for five seconds when you spawn/respawn. This way you don’t die almost immediately after spawning

SB2 mobile is pending publication on the app store.
@grazer please test it the moment it comes out. Pretty please with lasers on top? :smiley:

ahahaha i like the SBtoy


Welp. Changing the name because I’ve been hit with a strike

I just appealed it because they said my game was identical to

The two games other than the name are not identical at all. Matter of fact, they are almost completely different. I put in “too harsh” because it should be a warning for just ONE similarity

Yikes, that sucks :confused:

The toy is really cool though.

What’s the new name going to be?

That’s not good… but I love the toy

edit: I searched it up and it’s also a spaceship shooter in outer space. I think that caused the confusion

@grazer I can’t think of a name, and even if I did, I would have to edit ALL of the title assets over three games, and I’m too lazy for that. But to be honest. I think it’s best to let go, and leave it as it is