SB3- what next?

I want to continue SB3, but I dont know where to go from where I am.

I was thinking a 30 level campaign, but Im open to ideas for other things! :slight_smile:

Ill be honest, its an okay game, but its certainly not the best on the site. I predate @PixelPizza but even he outranks me. So Ive decided to make SB3 something you wont want to put down (but not too addictive)

Pacmode/Maze mode

Basically you are limited to the space of a maze and have to collect the dots to spawn a boss and then the level just continues, but the enemies aren’t affected by the maze walls, only you and the bullets are, like DigDug. I was going to do this back when I made Vortex but it got too laggy so I gave up.

Duuuude. Thats a good idea

Maze mode upvoted.

And thanks for the compliment but I also think Awakening is an okay game. That’s why I am making the gameplay and everything else more dynamic. shhhh no one knows.

I like that idea- it may be the next gamemode

Anyway, @“Mhx Ar” have you ever tried the most recent mode? Its… rough

No, sorry. I’ve only played the main mode. SB3 was too crowded and cramped for me, after playing SB2. I died too often so I figured all the other modes would be impossible.

The game has expanded boarders now, larger than SB2

Dodgemode is far less crowded too

@“Mhx Ar” lemme ask you, do you remember Waves In geometry wars? After finding out just how terrible I am with
Mazes, I decided to take a new direction- High Tide (reference to the enemies name)

Basically, think of waves but far more difficult

Sounds cool. Waves always ends so fast though. If you made a harder version, I doubt people would last very long.

Well, being that health is a factor in this game, I wanted something that would not have to increase its own difficulty, and just make it hard to begin with