SB3's Alternate menu (Really Cool!)

After messing around I ended up with a new menu, that kinda works like geometry dash’s level select menu.
Even though this is SB3 related, I felt like this deserved its own post because it may actually be pretty unique for flowlab. When the game boots up, click “Quickstart” in the corner, and try out the menu. Do note that It remembers the last mode you selected to play but only works with Classic to Zen and none of the other modes, but pressing the arrow keys/clicking the buttons will bring it back to that range… I will continue to work and make this work for ALL modes but I have yet to make the assets for said modes that don’t appear yet, so I am doing them in order meaning evolved is next in line as of now…

Also I did this with just 4 objects


For those who can’t play, heres a screenshot…

I added some stuff to make it like the normal menu, and I plan to make a setting to where when you game over it brings you back to quickplay if you were just in it.