Scale a proximity with the players size (%) times 1.2

its a 32x32 image so the full thing

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I’m confused… what are you asking?

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the proximity sphere needs to be the same size as the object when scaled up

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Do some math, if you have your player’s size increasing by 1.2x the original, do 1.2 times the size of your proximity.

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the proximity doesnt increase from the scale block

Yeah I know, I’m just saying to use a calculator… I’ll be your calculator.

What size are you making the player and what size is the proximity?

it adjusts (agar) it gets bigger over time

it even shrinks by 1/2

Okay, if it gets bigger over time, by how much?

and what is the proximity’s original size?

1-2 random and even more if it eats a player

Just use a collision buddy-

i need to check if the player is close… thats why i said proximity

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or, just make an attached object that’s parent is your player’s sprite.

Have it at 0 alpha and a collision object.

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then ill have to scale it

May I have a link? I’ll send some screenshots if you need any.

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Everytime it collides with a point, have it add to the proximity by that amount?

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but its not a 1 to 1 ratio

Screenshot 2021-05-26 5.08.43 PM

Screenshot 2021-05-26 5.08.53 PM