Score resets between levels

The score resets between levels. My game uses a Score Manager (Manager Score in library) and a Life Manager (Manager Life) to hold these values, both off screen in the game. I found another post that indicated I needed to set the item’ to Keep Between Levels, so I set that on both objects. This caused the object to duplicate in the level builder screen on all levels where I was using it.
I used a Number block to hold the score, and when that didn’t work I tried a Global. Still no.

it wont let me in cause it gave me an error

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What is your game called?

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Elements of Platformers Demo. I’m creating a demo for my students to understand some concepts.

@AbstractGallery do you have the same problem that I do with the link? or does it work for you?

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You can try using a Save block, which will keep its value between levels

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Yes, I do. (20 characters)

hmmm. well I dont know whats wrong. @grazer do you know whats wrong or how to fix the error message that were getting?

I’m having the same issue

Use the Save behavior

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@JR01 @johnpost
The Save behavior not only saves between levels, but between games. Which works, so I just need to add a behavior at game start that clears that values. Then I can create another behavior to hold the player’s best score…
Thanks. Still working this out.

No idea why the link isn’t working, unless it has something to do with an educational account…

Great! The Save behavior was the trick. I use a sort of initialize process at the start of the game and in the play over button on the game over screen to reset the values.

Thanks for pointing the way.

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Hello @balerCampbell - your account is set to “private”, which means that you games (and your students’ games) cannot be viewed by the general public. You can uncheck the private setting at the bottom of your dashboard to make the games publicly visible.

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@grazer would changing privacy affect my students as well? If so, I need to look into that to be sure I’m cleared to do such.

@balerCampbell - yes, all games associated with your account would become accessible in that case.