SCP: Revamped. it's back!

Hello, I have decided by Popular Demand that I will continue to update the game SCP: World’s End.

I am also trying something new with the forum log!
There will always be a poll in the description, it will be how good you would rate the game. Please play and enjoy!

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@ManiacPumpkin @MetaNinja @grazer @bentley.holmquist @AbstractGallery @nrypsjc @bitwit

This game is super cool, but it’s also a browser destroyer, lol.


That’s partially why I’m doing this lol, I’m gonna see how much lag I can cut

Also what should I work on first?

I’ve only played the game once in the past, and I remember getting killed by two Siren Heads.

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Are the controls alright?

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At the time of playing, they seemed alright.

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Ok, thanks. Let me know if anything comes to mind that I should add/change!

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Also I know the text/message blocks for the UI were updated, could you give me a quick catchup?

  • Have all items be randomly spawned
  • Have all cards be randomly spawned
  • Have all weapons be randomly spawned
  • You pick items by picking a class
  • You start with all items.

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Hey @grazer - how do I lessen the lag on this game, and how do I see game stats?

You could have all items spawn and give each class a designated inventory so like an mtf could start with a gun and a level 3 or 4 card and a scientist could have a level 3. D class would start with nothing and have to find items on their own.
You could base this off of scp secret laboratory since it’s a multiplayer scp game just like this, but players could even be scp’s.

My issue with the class items is that then noone will ever be class d or weaker classes, they’re all just mtf.

slight bug fix
I edited some of the code with newer options so that you can no longer trigger things like scp-096 through walls.

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Hey, I know that @Jr_01 made an example of name tags, but it doesn’t look like that will work for multiplayer. Any ideas guys?


You can now control the character with the mouse by clicking M, and the keycards are now added in.

How should I have the keycards spawn?

I now have randomized spawning for items.

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Question, do you plan on adding a lobby to your game so like when a certain number of people join it will start or you just join whenever you want?

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