Scrolling Text (More of a feature request)

I’ve been around flowlab for quite some time, but there is one thing I have to ask; is there a way to have a scrolling text box? (Not an alert box) I know the chances of this being on here are slim, but maybe I overlooked something…
If this isn’t possible, could this be a new feature for rpg games in a future update?

there… is… sorta, just make a new object and turn off everything (collisions and ect.) then just make it layer 3

make the sprite the TxT

Thought I had to make another level for it. Thanks!

Well, it seems like it would take a lot of blocks to make, and I’m nearing my limit. (has free version)

Don’t worry. Its types, not blocks, and you can make the size bigger with the size pallet button in the sprite editor

Oh! To make it look like it’s scrolling, you could put an animation where each letter appears in each frame, then adjust the delay.

I recommend using PNG files as they can have transparent backgrounds

or just make it move downward. or have a object movedown with scroll view

hmm, for some reason the animation just doesn’t work. Maybe its a bug, or I overlooked something. If you have a moment, can you check it out?

Thanks! Super Helpful.

looks like TE2 mixed with zelda

lol true

TE2? What’s that?

By the way, the text box is hidden on the bottom of the screen, just in case you couldn’t find it.

Oh ok

it looks rlly cool, just its confusing on what to do. brb.

my 3rd game ever!

temple exploerer?

It IS A really fun game JNG