See No Evil - My New Upcoming game

Ive decided to make a very symbolistic game called See No Evil, which will be a game where you play as a kid named David, and you must either survive till day, get help, or stop the “Beast”. ive decided that the game will revolve around if you cant see it, it doesn’t exist. which is supported by science, There are 2 experiments. 1 The Double Split Experiment and the 2 The Zeno Effect, The Double split experiment was the shot atoms and photons through a double slit and when the were observed the moved, and when unobserved they froze, and for the Zeno effect it kinda works the opposite, if watched it keeps its form but when you look away it moves. Now besides the Science Nonsense it will be about you and your parents, your parents are going trough a horrible time. your moms abused by your father, which is an alcoholic. Until he finally snaps, SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT He kills your mother in his Murder Frenzy. And attemps to kill all witnesses, you are the only witness. But since you a 6 year old, you see him as a demonic creature. The Beast will room your house, and when you dont watch things around the house… change, such as Traps being set, bodies and flesh trailed around, and More.

There would be ways to Hide from the Beast:
Blankets: Cover Yourself in a Thin Blanket
Close Eyes: Close your eyes for 5 seconds with the motto of If i cant see you you cant see me
Closet: Hide in your cabinets and wardrobes

Once the game has a base built a link will be below, it should be out soon.


Sick my man. Hope to see it soon!

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Btw, you can put a blurred spoiler over the spoiler, like this: never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down


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