Select and Drag

In the sprite editor, a select and drag thing would be nice. So If i make something too long and i want to shorten it, i dont have to redo the whole end of it. instead i can just erase some of the middle, and then select and drag the end of it down so that it’s shorter.

To give an example, If I make a torch in my characters hand, but its a bit too long, i don’t have to redraw the entire “torch” end of the torch. I can just erase some middle blocks and then drag the torch end down to connect it to the handle. Can this be a thing? I think it’d be really handy for other things too.

This would be nice.

Unfortunately, the sprite editor almost never gets an update. It’s really buggy (cough like every other feature in flowlab). I doubt this will ever happen.

For now you can just download your sprite in flowlab and edit it in mspaint for example, then you can upload the edited sprite. (application) and piskel (online) are good tools too. I know it’s lots of boring work but there isn’t another way, or just keep using the sprite editor in flowlab.

My toolset: as mentioned in the previous post,
Sometimes piskel
And various others

I pretty much only use the sprite editor in flowlab for making quick temporary placeholders, or small edits to sprites I already made and just want to slightly adjust, like fixing the eyes or adding a mustache or something. The flowlab sprite editor wasn’t intended to be an entire substitute for Photoshop or anything. There are hundreds of far better programs for spriting and digital art. As far as I’m concerned, the sprite editor wasn’t really necessary, it was just a nice touch for people that didn’t want to have to import everything from individual PNG files. I personally prefer to have tons of PNG files for each individual sprite, because that allows me to keep a backup of everything in case flowlab or my internet connection has an error, and I lose my work.