semisolid platforms in multiplayer?

I’m trying to make a same keyboard multiplayer game where the player auto shoot at each other (to simplify keyboard controls) and move similarly to characters in super smash bros, and when i decided to make semi-solid platforms, i used JR 01’s example. and when i tried it, it worked perfectly for my one player, but not for the other player, as when player one went on top of the platform, the block was solid, and my player 2 would hit his head on the block, and when i pressed down, both of the players would drop down.
even after adding another extractor for player 2, it still didn’t work. i can see in the block’s behaviors why it wouldn’t work for both players. and i have a vague idea of something I
could do, but I’m not sure how to make it work.

Yeah, my example was meant for one player.

It makes the platform either solid or not,
so to pull this off with 2 players, or with other moving characters, you need to keep it solid and change the character behaviors instead. Though it wouldn’t be as fluid as this, unless we can somehow the object reacted especially for specific objects.

@“JR 01”
I’ll try putting the behaviors on players. Thanks!
But I’m not sure exactly what behaviors to use though.

It could be possible to do my way if there layer collisions that I suggested to Grazer.

But right now, the best way I can think of would be to force the player a few pixels into the platform, forcing itself through it. The player will snap above the platform and below the platform, but it can be done with several players.

@“JR 01”
Thanks. I’ll try that.