Send me games to playtest or give feedback on

I’ve seen a lot of these lately and decided that i’ve been here long enough to do my own. So if you want me to playtest your game or want feedback on specific parts of it. I’ll gladly do so.
Here are the options for when you send it (As many as you want)

  1. Playtest (Just play the game)
  2. Rate (Simple scoring system on different aspects of the game
  3. suggestions (For example you like a monster you’ve made, and want my opinion on it.)

could you rate neon break?

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Ok So I was on a short time so I didn’t play the last few levels but here’s my rating (Might go back and finish for another rating.)

Creativity: 4/5- It’s an idea I’ve never seen before and was fun to adapt to.

Art: 3/5- The game is insanely colorful and super inviting, I just think that it’s too flashy sometimes, and it becomes hard to know exactly what i’m doing.

Difficulty advancing: 5/5- I think this was perfect, I enjoyed every level and could understand how it got more difficult every time. Great work.

Level Design: 4/5 Some of the levels felt a little too tight but other than that it was really well made, introducing new mechanics through progression. This is hard to master, amazing work.

Mechanics: 5/5- This part blew me away, It was super well made between the enemy types, the wall variations and the cool puzzle style objects, everything felt perfect.

I hope this helped. Great game.

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Do you want a suggestion on anything specific?

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thanks for the review! I’m glad you liked the game.

btw, if part of the problem with it being too flashy was the lights in the background being too bright, that was I glitch I’ve just fixed. does this look a bit better? image

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Can you do mines? It’s not yet finished yet.

Looks a bit better, I’m not sure the exact problem. But either way it’s still visually great.


What’s your game? I can’t review nothing :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry, Flowlab Game Creator - Team Super Blocky Racing

Rate please


Which version did you want 1. 2. or 3. look at the top to decide.

One shot wasn’t loading I’ll try again later


Creativity: 3/5- It’s semi generic, but overall a solid style of game.

Art: 4/5- It’s very clean and simple. there could be more detail but overall the point gets across with every object.

Difficulty advancing: 5/5- No problems it gets more difficult in a fair way.

Level Design: 3/5- Like before, it’s simple, maybe could have a few more variations of obstacles.

Mechanics: 4/5- Simple and Effective, there’s no true problem, you just took the easy route on this one.
Still super fun.

Like I said a ton of fun, I’d personally download this game on mobile if it was given more content.

2: rate

kind of both

Team Super Blocky Racing

Creativity: 3/5- It’s simple and that’s great, nothing to cool, but nothing bad.

Art: 3/5- It has a nice style for the most part, but I suggest adding some outlines, because I would lose where my character was in the large group.

Difficulty advancing: 4/5- Really nice, every level gets better and harder.

Level Design: 3/5- Great platforming with a bunch of cool obstacles and powers.

Mechanics: 4/5- Like before you have so many different objects that it’s very fun. A big variation in skill is added with every item.

I loved this idea, keep up the good work.


Hmm, rly thought I would’ve got a better score, but thanks anyway!

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I’m leaving room for improvements when the game is finished, since I’m sure it will be better.

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